Naida Seibel's creations capture the human spirit and our relationship to nature in a unique and sometimes humorous way.

Naida received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University in 1973. She began her work as a full-time artist based out of Fort Collins, Colorado shortly thereafter. In 1983 Naida relocated to Santa Fe and in 1990 designed and built her home, Coyote Mountain Studio, on a mountainside just outside of Santa Fe.


Most of her work is clay sculpture. Her appreciation for clay as a medium stems from it’s warm color and earthly quality. Over the years her work has tended to model the human figure with various expressions and in many shapes and sizes.

After moving to the mountains, Naida was frequently visited by the ravens that lived nearby and began incorporating bird images in her work.

While her work is constantly evolving there is also a continuity to it that has lasted through the years.

Please explore the examples of Naida’s work on this web site and feel free to contact with inquires.